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Always remember, never accept the world as it appears to be, dare to see, for it could be. remember forever,Do not just be satisfied with the appearance of things,To dare to explore,Unknown possible

TiddlyWiki+Nextcloud - Build personal knowledge + Cloud disk

Purchased a server and domain name,If only to set up a personal blog,It is not too wasteful? use TiddlyWiki with Nextcloud,We can build the knowledge base and cloud disk WIKI,Better use of server resources -


TiddlyWiki,This is a uniqueNonlinearnotebook,It is a only a single HTML Files that make up the non-network applications Wiki program,Use only HTMLCSS and JavaScript technology。Not like theEvernoteYouDao Cloud NoteOneNote As the need to install client、Register Login before use,Simply download the program from the official website interface,Double-click to open a browser can be edited using。


Goaccess - Nginx log analysis / Graph Builder

GoAccess It is an open source interface and interactive viewreal time Web log analysis tool,Can be analyzedApache/NginxEtc. WEB log,It also supports HTML generation、JSON、CSV reports and other data。GoAccess can either display the results in a terminal,Report Viewer can generate HTML in a browser,And generate reports very cool。

I've been tossing,Finally realized view HTML reports in a browser。

Look at the final results:mytsin.com/analysis.html

Ready to work

system:CentOS 6.10 / CentOS 7

eb Service:Nginx

panel:Pagoda panel

Log Files:access.log


Chinese website:goaccess.cc

Official website:goaccess.io

  • Please back up your data (such as a website database, etc.) before installation
  • Determine where the log file directory

The demonstration of the following log files、Site Directory,Be modified according to their actual situation

  • Log files and directories for the presentation /home/wwwlogs/access.log
  • Demo site directory /www/wwwroot/mytsin.com/


world,Hello there

this world,Hello there!

I find this world,Both familiar and unfamiliar。

"Familiar" is,I contacted it has more than ten years。In small when he started playing the computer,But ...... skill tree points crooked,Point to the online games。QQ TangDNFCsolt...... one resistant (xiao) person (hao) find (shi) taste (guang) game,To this end this way,Accompanied me spent his childhood。

"Strange" is,I see only the surface of this world,Never in this world,A deeper level of understanding,It is hidden under the screen world,What a scene? It is gorgeous,It is boring,Complex,It is simple?

I have been advocating the hacker spirit (Geek,It refers to the extreme heat of a particular aspect of people,Does not mean hacker),Off white、Honker these attracted me ......,To explore the deep-seated。Rain forest wood wind with Ghost installed、Depth of Windows XP,It had also installedKail LinuxUbuntuLinux system,Linux as opposed to my,A used to the graphical Windows interface,Very friendly。I remember I wanted to enter the first command to the command line -"ls",This has confused"l"It is not the "i" in the capital,He lost several times,They have prompted an error,Finally, in a prompt users,I understand this is the "L" in lowercase。After this,I gradually lost interest in Linux,Return to the warm embrace Windowsd。